You smell like my final wish


It’s a warm morning of August. The sunlight is streaming through my window, touching my hair and my face playfully. I am snuggeling hapilly in my bed, with a big smile in my heart, joy on my face and love embracing every fiber of my being. My soul is screaming in ecstasy and the reason is YOU.

I can still smell the scent of your skin and my body still tingles where your fingers have been. My mind stopped to your last whispered words: ” I can’t stop falling in love with you.” and I know that I already love you, blindly and profoundly, in a way that I will never be able to love anybody.

The night before I have abandoned all my desires in your arms, knowing that my destiny is you. I could see it deeper in your eyes, I could see our future together and I knew right there that I belong to you. I knew we will consume eatchover and that you ‘ll become the drug that will create the addiction for what it will be no cure.

During time, some doses of you almost killed me, because my passional way of being can only be feed with overdoses, overdoses of love and distruction.

I know that my non earthly soul is keeping you strongly connected in my madness, a bittersweet madness that is stealing your sleep, bringing shadows of doubts as you know, that nothing will complete you as my love.

I am perfectly imperfect and in my struggle of accepting my flaws, I am feeding my insecurities with that unique morning of August, when you took me to the highs and depths of your soul, creating that untouchable happiness that few will know.

Since that very morning, my soul is wearing your scent, a very strong scent of belongingness that makes me feel complete, a scent that no one will replace as I truly know that you smell like my final wish.


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